A New One of A Kind Yacht Party Rental in Southern California

13406960_1042194485857578_7986706806406435655_nAre you looking for a yacht party rental in southern California? We are proud to introduce to you our new ship, The Enhydra! It has been an incredible adventure bringing it from Florida all the way up the Baja coast to Los Angeles! We’re excited for this opportunity to share with you this most beautiful ship for your private occasions and events.

There is nothing much more private than a yacht party rental out on the open waters, where you can really celebrate your special occasion in your own particular style! Meanwhile allow our professional and courteous staff to cater to your every need, as you enjoy relaxing in the lap of luxury.

Why Consider A Yacht Party Rental?

  • Enjoy a private cruise to any local destination; make it a short half-day tour or a weekend getaway to the Channel Islands or Ensanada.
  • We custom tailor your event to your personal requests!
  • We are committed to working within your budget!
  • Enjoy an outrageously memorable experience with your friends, family and loved ones!

Rent a Yacht for a Birthday Party

enhydra18Birthday parties are the perfect opportunity for a voyage out to sea to celebrate with just the most important and special people in your life. Do you have a certain theme in mind? Great! We specialize in personalizing your event down to the finest details! We give you the care you need so you can just relax and enjoy this memorable event with the utmost confidence.

The Enhydra offers space for up to 120 people to dine comfortably, and 150 for cocktail setting. Need some privacy? We got you covered! Staterooms each provide beds with under bed storage and an upright cabinet and a private bathroom with shower.

Yacht Party Rental Prices

We are committed to working within your budget! Give us a call so we can begin discussing the details of your event today! 424-703-5152



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