Why The Enhydra Is The Best Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

13413159_1042194105857616_8323244189321301010_nWhether if you’re looking for a special venue for your private group, wedding, celebration or other event, the Enhydra is a unique opportunity and offers the best yacht rental in Los Angeles.

There’s nothing like a day out on the sea with your friends and family, or as a class trip, perhaps! We specialize in customizing your event to fit exactly what you have in mind, to make this the most memorable experience for you and your group.

The Enhydra is fully equipped and fully stocked for all occasions including themed parties, weddings, business meetings, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, and anything else you can imagine. Perhaps this is why so many have told us that The Enhydra is the best yacht rental in Los Angeles, by far!

Just imagine sitting on the top deck looking out with the California coastline on one side and the sun setting over Catalina Island on the other side, while you are graced with the occasional presence of marine mammals and rare sea birds. An evening out to sea on the Enhydra is guaranteed to add that special touch to your event.

Rent a Yacht For A Party, Wedding or Corporate Event

enhydra1If you are considering renting a yacht for a party or other such occasion, the Enhydra is your ideal option. Our well-trained and professional crew will make you feel at the utmost ease, so you can sit back and relax with your party as we untie from the docks and begin motoring our way out to sea through the harbor.

We are passionate about creating the right atmosphere for your theme, and managing all the details of the event, allowing you to enjoy the catering, attractions and other facilities. This is just what you want to find when you rent a yacht for a party, so you can fully enjoy this special occasion carefree!

A Party Yacht In Los Angeles Unlike Any Other!

  • Can comfortable house and feed 46 people overnight
  • We can customize your event to meet your specific needs!
  • Dining space for 46 below deck, with 80 more above deck!
  • A fully equipped kitchen, enjoy our catering our bring your own!
  • Private cabins and state rooms with under bed storage, upright cabinet, private bathroom and shower!

Yacht Rental Prices

We are willing to work within your budget! Just give us a call and we can discuss making your event really come to life! Our staff is standing by and eager to receive your call! 424-703-5152






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